Xemium, Adexar & Librax…. Why we’re confident



Xemium combines premium preventable and curative activity for reliable and flexible use, delivering improved disease control, higher yields and improved quality.

Why we’re confident…
  • Xemium fungicides continue to deliver the best protection against Septoria and rust, year after year
  • Rainfast in minutes, Xemium forms resevoirs on the leaf surface. Once the spray liquid dries, crystals form on the leaf which ‘drill’ into the wax layer, anchoring to the molecule
  • The high level of mobility and distribution means Xemium can reach areas untouched by the initial application, protecting new leaves yet to emerge and resulting in long-lasting protection


Adexar is a consistent performer season after season and continues to deliver the highest profitability in low and high disease situations. Based on the leading SDHI (Xemium) and the strongest rust and Septoria azole (epoxiconazole), Adexar delivers the very best protection for both crop and profitability.

Why we’re confident…
  • Reliably higher yields: +0.21t/ha on average over Aviator (2014 & 2015, n= 26, BASF trials)
  • Best Septoria and rust fungicide six years running
  • Widest effective application window for T1 and T2
  • Compatibility with chlorothalonil boosts Septoria control and resistance management
  • Broadest spectrum disease control


Librax delivers the power of Xemium in an optimised formulation, making its metconazole partner more readily available than alternative metconazole formulations, providing excellent broad spectrum activity against all major diseases in cereal crops.

Why we’re confident…
  • Higher yields =0.35t/ha on average over Aviator (2014 and 2015 n= 44, independent trials)
  • An alternative azole to prothioconazole provides flexible alternatives to Aviator in wheat.
  • Broad spectrum disease control
  • Widest effective application window at T2
  • Compatibility with chlorothalonil boosts Septoria control and resistance management
*Adexar contains fluxapyroxad and epoxiconazole. Librax contains fluxapyroxad and metconazole. Adexar and Librax are registered trademarks of BASF. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information  including warning phrases and symbols, refer to agricentre.basf.co.uk

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