Much more than a tramline comparison…

…a scientifically robust approach to farm trials.

We've worked closely with ADAS and the farmers to make sure we had careful consideration of the fields and sites.

The ADAS Agronomics is the only methodology to do statistics on a tramline scale. This consists of several steps which are:

  • Raw yield mapping

    10,000 to 15,000 data points captured for each trial

  • Cleaning the data by excluding

    - Headlands

    - End of combine runs

    - Areas of the field which are not relevant

    - Scattered data points which are identified as ‘locally extreme’

  • Applying a statistical model

    To identify the statistically significant trials.

1 Where we did them

Trial network 2019

The farmers are based all around the UK. We know conditions differ across the country and wanted to ensure representation across all regions.

51 Revystar® XE trials in winter wheat

31 included Revystar® XE at both T1 and T2

20 included Revystar® XE at T2 only

Each trial has involved comparison of a recommended BASF fungicide programme including Revystar® XE, against the farmer’s choice of ‘farm standard’ products at T1 and T2

39 Revystar® XE trials usable

12 trials excluded (no yield data or unbalanced trials)

2 How we conducted them

In-season monitoring with NDVI*

We used a trial area that would provide a fair test and used AgSpace satellite imagery to enable to the analysis of yield map data.
*Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) quantifies vegetation by measuring the difference between near-infrared (which vegetation strongly reflects) and red light (which vegetation absorbs). NDVI always ranges from -1 to +1.

3 Trial results 2019

Here you can see the results of the trials. We have measured Septoria severity, GLA index and yield benefit of Revystar® XE over farm standard.

Septoria assessment and GLA Index

GLA = % green leaf area (leaf 1 + leaf 2 + leaf 3 added) - Sep = % leaf area affected by Septoria tritici (leaf 1 + leaf 2 added)

One Revystar® XE spray (n=20)

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Double Revystar® XE spray (n=20)

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Blue: Farm | Green: BASF

Revystar® XE reduced Septoria severity and extended green canopy duration.

Revystar® XE Yield benefit vs farm standard: 39 trials

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Key learnings

1 Strongest set of results achieved yet in any series of Agronomics trials.

Significant yield benefit for Revystar® XE vs farm standard either at T1 or T2.

When Revystar® XE applied at both T1 + T2 the yield benefit is even higher.

Revystar® XE reduced Septoria severity and extended green canopy duration.

Revystar® XE performs in a Real World situation, not just in small plots.