The Real Results Circle Trials 2018: The results

Delivering on the ground intelligence for more effective farming.

At BASF, we understand that in farming, uncertainty is everywhere. In 2017, we invited 50 farmers across the UK to conduct trials, on their own farms, to face real challenges, under real conditions.

In 2018, we once again conducted large scale trials on real farms across the UK, right at the heart of the action in a challenging season that saw The Beast from the East followed by unprecedented drought testing farmers to their limits.

But this is a challenge to rise up to. Once again putting our products to the test against any product on the market. And once again, remaining unbeaten

Yet these trials aren’t just about finding the best Cereal Fungicide. They’re part of a bigger picture. A future where we have all the answers… to the big questions in agriculture.

How did we analyse the results?

We have logged an immense amount of data from farms, monitoring crops, logging disease pressure and measuring performance though the season Each crop assessment has been made with the use of Agronomics, a new digital technique developed by ADAS and AgSpace and supported by the British Geological Society.

The Agonomics approach ensures unique scientific credibility to the design, management and statistical analysis of field scale trials, giving us complete confidence in the statistical integrity of the results.