Wheat Fungicide trials 2017

At BASF, we understand that in farming, uncertainty is everywhere. That’s why we invited 50 farmers across the UK to conduct trials, on their own farms, to face real challenges, under real conditions. So they can put our products to the test against any other SDHI to remove uncertainty, and give you 100% confidence that we can deliver real results. Find out from five of our farmers their expectations of the trial.

How did we analyse the results?

ADAS and AgSpace have logged an immense amount of data from our farms, whilst in parallel have monitoring crops, logging disease pressure
and measuring fungicide performance throughout the season. Each crop assessment has been made with the use of the Agronōmics system; a new digital technique for farm-based research, developed by ADAS and AgSpace with the support of the British Geological Survey.

This Agronōmics approach ensures a unique scientific credibility to the design, management and statistical analysis of field-scale trials, giving us all complete confidence in the statistical integrity of the results.

The Real Results

The Real Results 50 have worked in partnership with us in order to deliver Real Results. We’ve collected a huge amount of data with them and have used the cutting-edge Agronomics system, a new digital technique developed by our industry partners ADAS and AgSpace to analyse the results of the Real Results 50 and ensure a unique scientific credibility to the results.