What is the BASF Companion app?

The companion app is a tool to be used with product offers in the UK to help identify and confirm proof of purchase. It works by scanning unique QR codes on BASF products and logging them against your specific account.

How do I download the BASF Companion App?

The BASF Companion App is available in both the android play store, and the Apple app store. Simply search BASF Companion, or follow the links below.

Click here for Android devices. Click here for Apple devices.

What do I do once I’ve downloaded the BASF Companion App?

Simply open the BASF Companion on your device and select the location of your farm and the crops you grow. You are then ready to activate your offer code and get started.

What do I need to complete my offer in the BASF Companion App?

When signing up for the BASF offer on our website, you will have received a unique code. It is this code which you need to activate your offer on the BASF Companion App. On the active offers screen simply press the ‘add offer’ (orange plus (+)) button to the bottom right of the screen and enter your code.  Your offer will now be activated and you can go ahead and scan your qualifying products.

How do I scan my purchased product? What do I need to look for?

The BASF Companion App works by scanning a data matrix code (similar to a QR code). The code you need to scan can be found on the back of the pack in the left-hand margin. Once you have located the Data Matrix code on the can, simply go in to your active offer and again press the orange button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Hold the camera over the code, as still as possible for a few seconds for it to register.

For full information on how to scan the can please watch our how to video at the bottom of this page.

Do I need access to the internet when using the BASF Companion App?

Yes, the BASF Companion App requires either a mobile internet connection or Wi-Fi connectivity.

I’m having trouble scanning my Adexar/Librax, what do I do?

BASF Companion App should work Adexar and Librax and all stock delivered this year will have a QR code on it. If you are using product which is eligible for the offer but which doesn’t have a code or will not scan, please get in touch with us at basf@realresults.co.uk and we can help you through this process

How do I know when I’ve completed the offer?

As you scan your Adexar and Librax cans you will be able to watch the progress of your offer. To complete the offer, you need to scan enough product to reach the target volume. For some BASF offers there maybe milestones at thresholds below the total target volume. For these you will receive an email from us letting you know you have achieved it.

Are there any additional functions to the BASF Companion App?

As well as working with BASF offers, the BASF Companion has links to information on BASF products, and contact details for technical support.

What do I do if I have not received a unique code or I missing an email from BASF?

Please check your junk mail box, occasionally our emails can find their way to here. If you need any further assistance please contact BASF at basf@realresults.co.uk

What is the Innovation Tour to New Zealand?

A 10-day farm innovation tour of New Zealand, including all travel and accommodation. We will be visiting the world’s highest yielding wheat grower, innovative farming businesses and an arable farming show. We have 15 places available. The trip will take place in late November through to early December.

When does the innovation offer start and finish?

The offer starts on the 19th April and runs through till the 30th June 2018. This time period should capture the use period of Adexar and Librax in the UK.

How many cans of Adexar and Librax do I need to go into the draw to win a pair of Le Chameau boots?

You need to register between 50 L and 140 L of Adexar and/or Librax to enter the draw to win a pair of Le Chameau boots.

How many cans of Adexar and Librax do I need to go into the draw to win a seat on the trip to New Zealand?

You need to register between 150 L of Adexar and/or Librax to enter the draw to win a seat on the trip to New Zealand.

When will the draw take place?

The draw for the Le Chameau boots and the trip to New Zealand will take place on or before 18th July 2018 and winners will be informed within 5 working days from this date.

When is the trip to New Zealand?

The Innovation Study Tour to New Zealand will happen between the 24th of November 2018 and the 7th of December 2018. Participants in the draw must be available for travel between these dates!

What is included in the trip?

Business class flights from London to New Zealand

All meals and accommodation in New Zealand

Transportation around New Zealand and organised itinerary

Opportunity to see a broad range of farming practises and time to see some of the latest innovations in agriculture

Access to the FAR field day (New Zealand’s premier farming event)

Here is our how to video which will show you the process you need to complete