Innovation Offer 2020 – drone winners

30 growers across the UK were lucky enough to win a DJI Mavic 2 pro Drone in the Innovation Offer 2020. A prize which also included full training to Civil Aviation Authority standards.

We’ll be sharing their journey and learnings throughout their training, as well as the photos they take, so keep up to date with the latest updates, videos interviews and insights from growers below and follow their journey on our social media channels:

Meet the winners

Rosalie Goldsworthy


Agricola Growers is a contract farming business, managing around 1500-ha. They grow cereals, potatoes and some onions as well as running beef and sheep on some of the farm’s grassland. A daffodil enterprise adds further diversity to the business portfolio.

Philip Grimsey


Philip farms 360-ha on the East Coast. Land is half marshland and half-light land. All crops are grown for seed.

Graham Thompson


Graham’s 400-ha mixed farm grows wheat, barley, peas, rape, sugar beet and grass seed. He also has an indoor pig enterprise. He is keen to explore new technology.

Chris Bull


Chris runs a 1,000-ha family farm, which grows winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley, oil seed rape, beans and sugar beet’. With predominantly heavy clay loam, his number one agronomic challenge is black-grass.