What’s the best time to apply a PGR?


The right timing for PGR applications depends on the growth stage of the crop, and the only way to really know is to monitor it throughout development.

At growth stage 30 you’ll need to manage the crop in order to achieve the target amount of tillers. You will also want to enhance rooting systems to improve crop anchorage and nutrient uptake, as well as shortening the crop.

At growth stage 31/32 you want to continue promoting tillering and at the same time shorten and thicken lower internodes to reduce lodging risk.

At growth stage 39 you want to reduce brackling and shorten upper internodes to prevent stem lodging.

My best practice advice is to manage the growth throughout the plant’s entire life cycle. A split dose, up to GS30 and GS31-32 will be most effective and if there is a high risk of lodging consider following up with an additional application at GS37/39.

Investing in your crop is key, by using a proven and kind to crop PGR like Medax® Max or Canopy® you can reduce the risk of lodging and maximise your yields.