The BASF trials team have strict hygiene guidelines for customers


The development team for BASF have invested in new powerful leaf blowers and cordless vacuum cleaners prior to this year’s harvest. Combine maintenance and hygiene is vital for many reasons such as efficiency of the machinery and decreasing the risks of fires, essential in a year like this! One of the most prominent reasons is the cultural control of grass weeds, such as black-grass. We transport small plot combines all over the country, so it is essential that we do not carry over grassweeds from one site to the next.

We operate under the goodwill of many growers. We do not want to test that good will by carrying over grass weeds in our combines. Black-grass in East Anglia is our main concern, with the ever increasing difficulty of controlling this weed every aspect of control must be used to its fullest potential. Cultural control should be the foundation of an effective black-grass program.