Stubble management for weed control


For a range of weed species I would leave the stubble uncultivated for as long as possible after harvest to allow seed predation to occur, burial  will encourage seed to become dormant.

Cultivations between October and March will encourage germination of the winter wild oat population but cultivation in March-May will favour both the spring and winter wild-oat.

Meadow brome has a prolonged germination period in the autumn, shallow cultivations keep seed in the germination zone (top 5cm) so the best timing is September – October.

For Black-grass leave the stubble untouched until September then use  very shallow cultivations to kill off emerged seedlings and encourage further emergence. Emergence will stop between November and February unless it is mild. In March and April, cultivate to encourage a further flush and spray off before drilling.

Overall leave the stubble untouched until September and then use shallow cultivations, if moisture is present, to encourage germination of all species. Cultivate again in March to encourage a spring flush and spray off prior to drilling. Minimise soil disturbance at drilling.

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