The BASF OSR Establishment Risk Share Programmes.

We understand that growing OSR can be challenging. From establishing the crop, with the challenges that weather, pests and weeds can bring, right through to harvest – it certainly isn’t easy. At BASF, we want to share some of the burden with you. So, we’re offering Risk Share Programmes on all InVigor hybrid seed sold this autumn.

If your crop fails you can make a claim here. The deadline to make your claim is before 31st October 2020.

InVigor Establishment Risk Share Programme

Products eligible:

All BASF InVigor WOSR hybrid varieties.

What do I need to do?

If your field of InVigor fails to establish, you can make a claim here before the 31st October.

What will I receive?

You will receive £30 for every hectare of InVigor WOSR that fails to establish


Drill your InVigor seed before 22nd September and establish your crop in the normal way


In the event of crop failure, where an alternative crop will be re-drilled, you can make a claim here before the 31st October.


Verified claims will receive £30/ha