Stuart Kirkwood

East Yorkshire

Target wheat yield: 15t/ha

Stuart runs his family farm in East Yorkshire, a 316 hectares unit cropping winter wheat, winter/spring barley, winter OSR & vining peas. The farm is not ring fenced but spread over a 5 mile radius with most of the work carried out by Stuart. They employ two tractor/combine drivers for harvest and sowing, and have just installed a new 1,000 tonne grain store making room for B&B pigs in another building.


He is married to Caroline and has two children, Thomas and Chloe. He enjoys shooting, golf, F1 Grand Prix and drinking a nice Sauvignon from New Zealand!


Stuart has never been to New Zealand but it has been very much on his radar. He was planning to visit New Zealand in the next couple of years with Caroline who is very jealous that he is going without her. He is most looking forward to seeing the dramatic topography that New Zealand has to offer and the farm visits.