Julian Radcliffe

Vale of Glamorgan

Target wheat yield: 12.3t/ha

Julian left school at 16 to join the farm business that has been in the family for four generations and over 102 years. Building it up from 101 hectares to 607 hectares, the operation now includes 405 hectares of arable crops, 500 head of cattle and 250 ewes. In addition to their own lambs, they buy and finish another 400 annually. Cropping wheat, barley, oats, OSR, rye grass and maize for feed, they run a 50-50 min-till and ploughing cultivation. The permanent pasture land is grazed by their own livestock and is home to their local agricultural show.


Technology is important to Julian and he firmly sees this as part of the future of any agricultural business. They have used variable rate P & K’s for 15 years along with yield mapping and implemented variable rate seed application for the first time in 2018.


He has never been to New Zealand but started planning a trip a number of years ago that had to be cancelled. He is keen to see how they are pushing yields forward and what he can learn to help develop and improve his home farm.