Graham Thompson


Target wheat yield: 15t/ha

Graham was brought up on a mixed livestock farm in Lancashire and did a degree in crop science at Liverpool. Since then he has worked all over the country, in a range of agriculturally related jobs but 10 years ago settled in Suffolk. The arable and pig farm manages approx 450 hectares of arable land on heavy soils growing mainly wheat, barley, grass and OSR, all for the seed market, as well as vining peas and sugar beet. They are independent pig producers, doing the whole job from farrow to finish, and milling their own feed from cereals produced on farm.


His hobbies have ranged from chess to kick-boxing, swimming, badminton and baking. Currently any spare time he has is spent with his wife and three children.


Graham has visited New Zealand before as has his brother who enjoyed it so much he emigrated to the country and now runs a dairy farm on the South Island.