Frazer Jolly


Target wheat yield: 11t/ha

Frazer is Farm Manager for Great Oakley farms and Saltby Farms, a 1,200 hectares ring fenced unit growing feed wheat, milling wheat for Warburton’s, OSR (LEAF Members), winter barley, spring barley for malting and sugar beet for British Sugar. The business also has a dairy that is rented to a family producing high butter fat milk destined for cheese production, an enterprise based on a New Zealand block grazing system. Saltby has a large environmental scheme including an established woodland with the newest area to be planted for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Great Oakley is 263ha growing feed wheat, barley for malting and oilseed rape for ADM.


Frazer enjoys anything connected with agriculture and machinery, and has even taken to the roads of London in a Claas Xerion to support the Worshipful company of farmers in the Lord Mayors Parade. He shoots both clays and game.


He has never visited New Zealand but is looking forward to learning more about their way of life, both on the farm and away from work.