David Dosson


Target wheat yield: 10t/ha

David returned to the family farm earlier than planned following the death of his father at the start of his A-Level exams. Now farming in partnership with his brother, the arable business owns 263 hectares and farms an additional 80 hectares in the local area. They also provide contracting services including combining and spraying but maintain a strong focus on the family business ensuring the additional work does not compromise the farm efficiency.


David has competed at five national ploughing competitions, and is on the organising committee for his local event. He is also a Director for Bridgwater Agricultural Society and is very passionate about their awards initiative which has supported the local agricultural community to the value of £1 million to date.


David has never visited New Zealand but is particularly looking forward to the trip as he was planning to go in the gap year that never happened. He enjoys motorsport, owns a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and has just given up league hockey after 25 years.