Chris Leslie

East Lothian

Target wheat yield: 12t/ha

Chris has been involved in farm management for the past 10 years. Involvement in growing cereals, peas, oil seeds, carrots and milling oats, his ethos relies on forming a strong well trained team to be able to utilize every aspect of modern technologies, including RTK and section control ultimately leading to a paperless farming business controlled by farm management software. Research into soils has lead to a passion for reduced tillage and cultural control methods are practiced where ever possible to minimize plant protection products.

In becoming a Director of Scottish Borders Produce and a graduate of the Scottish Enterprise Rural Leadership Program has helped me further my skills and have a greater knowledge base to offer skills and knowledge to others. There is a strong Bond with Scottish Agronomy who help with forward planning and independent trials which fits with my style of agronomy in applying only what is necessary or productive.

Collaboration and innovation are going to be key to British agriculture in the future which leads to a keenness to explore how businesses can better integrate with each other to develop sustainable farming businesses in a very difficult agricultural climate.

Chris has a wife and two young boys who are already passionate about carpet farming and love following farming videos

In the limited spare time available a keen interest in rugby albeit watching not playing these days as well as getting out shooting, fishing, curling and swimming help to unwind and relax

He has visited New Zealand before but due to a few drinks, it’s all a blur so is looking forward to going back.