Mounted Sprayer


Tom Robinson gives some pointers on how to set up a mounted sprayer.

  1. The top link should be adjusted so that the spray boom is horizontal to the ground when viewed from the side (end on).

2. The boom should be straight along entire its entire length, and parallel to the ground.

3. All The nozzle bodies should vertical when viewed end on and when viewed from behind.

4. Set the nozzle tip height to 50 cm above the ground, and put a cable tie on the end of each boom, cut off 50 cm below the nozzle tips.

5. Service and lubricate the boom suspension. With the boom horizontal. Depress the end of the boom 33cm (1 foot). Allow it to return it should go just past horizontal, and then settle

6. For maximum shock absorbtion: Set tyre pressures to the minimum recommended by the tyre manufacturer for the maximum load they will carry.

7. Set the nozzles to an output of 1 l/min. this will apply 100 l/ha at 12 km/h and 2.2 Bar pressure with 03 nozzles Rationale

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