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Beeswax farming looks to learn from the past to drive their business into the future. 

A nod to this can be seen reflecting in two parallel rails inlaid into the polished floor of The Hive, a converted farm workshop and Beeswax Farming’s event venue at Nocton Fen, the setting for the BASF Real Results Roadshow featuring Revystar® XE.

In 1919, the  owner in residence returned from war torn Arras with sufficient army surplus train tacks  to take produce across the farm to the nearest railway station.  A century later the spirit of innovation on Nocton Fen lives on.

It is not only in ‘property uplift’ like this where the business looks to innovate, it is throughout their whole farming environment.  By constantly asking ‘what do we do now to get ready for future business and environmental challenges?’ all farming decisions are forced to create a positive impact on business production and business values.

As part of this, their investments into building soil resilience and focusing on making ‘poor’ soils better were supported by Soil Scientist Jenni Dungait during her soil health presentation.  Mike Green, BASF Agricultural Sustainability Manager, encouraged the other farm businesses in the room to look at how they can become profitable without future support payments, particularly in light of the new Agriculture Bill.  “Start the journey now” was the take home message from both speakers.  “Measurement tools are out there so if you want to lose weight jump on the scales”

Ben Abell, Agronomist at Beeswax Dyson echoed this ethos when it comes to agronomic investments.  “It is easy to be blinded by bar charts, anonymous data and colourful field maps but they can be just noise in decision making”. Ben prefers a measure and manage approach, one of the reasons he wanted to be involved with the BASF Real Results Circle.  “The opportunity to trial BASF products, like Revystar® XE here, on our own farms, and listen to other farmers experiences gives us a clearer picture on their investment value and how best to use them.”

Ben’s approach was bolstered by the projects yield and NVDI measurements generated by ADAS Agronomics and presented by ADAS Consultant Pete Berry. They validated Ben’s ground view on the impact of a T1 & T2 treatment of Revystar® XE onto late drilled Kerrin winter wheat. Green leaf area was retained later into the season and,consequently, out yielded the farm standard treatment. A result echoed across the country on a range of winter wheat varieties.

Going forward, Ben sees Revystar® XE as a valuable T1 treatment.  “Avoiding a ‘dirty bottom’ in the crop is good agronomy particularly with a dwindling arsenal of effective fungicides.”

Steve Dennis, BASF’s Head of Business Development, Agricultural Solutions supported this view  and that despite the many advantages of Revystar® XE, getting the agronomy timings right is the starting point in getting the most out of a fungicide investment.

Using the data from Ben’s Revystar® XE experiences on Nocton Fen, and the other 50 grower sites involved in the Real Results project, the return on  investment is clear to see.

The revylution is here, find out more

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