Growing spring cereals? Get in quick to manage your potential weed problems.


For a fighting chance of getting rid of weeds in your spring cereal crops, get in nice and early with a residual herbicide spray. Weeds grow really quickly in spring, so you want to improve control and reduce competition in whatever way you can.

When it comes to chemical control, pre or very early post-em sprays are your best bet. Our three top tips for getting the most out of spring cereal herbicides are:

  1. Spray within 48 hours of drilling
  2. Ideally, spray on to a moist, clod-free and consolidated seed bed
  3. Ensure the seed is adequately covered by 3.2cm of settled soil

When discussing with your advisor, opt for a herbicide with residual activity so that you get the benefit of season-long control of key germinating grass and broad-leaved weeds like AMG, fumitory, poppy, polygonums, chickweed, pansy, speedwells and crane’s-bill. (Here’s one we made earlier) Picona® and Stomp® Aqua do just that.

Take a quick look at our recommendations: