Introducing our farms

The Real Results Farms lets advisors and growers take a closer look at 32 wheat varieties and learn how best to treat them for optimum yield potential.

In 2018, we are inviting farmers and advisors to our open days, taking place across the country. To register your interest, click the link to your local Real Results Farm, listed below:

Our farmer open days…

26th June Eddington Mains, Chirnside 9am-2pm

26th June Wigmore Grange, Herefordshire 1pm-4pm

28th June Mains of Brigton, Forfar 10am-4pm

28th June Rawcliffe Bridge, Yorkshire 3pm-7pm

3rd July Stonham, Stowmarket 9am-1pm

10th July Old Weston, Cambridgeshire 1pm-5pm


Visit our Open Days

  • Compare 32 winter wheat varieties with guided tours from breeders and independent experts
  • See how you can get the most out of your oilseed rape crops, including the latest information on our Clearfield technology
  • Analyse winter wheat fungicide inputs as Xemium goes head to head with other SDHIs
  • Come and hear about the benefits of being part of The Real Results Circle in 2018
  • Learn more about how BASF PGR programmes give you more
  • A complimentary bacon butty and cup of coffee
  • Get the lowdown on the latest farming technology with demonstrations from Hummingbird Drones & Scholl IPNs closed transfer system
  • Pre-register and pick up your complimentary Spear and Jackson stainless steel trowel