faq-wheat Wheat Fungicide

Can I apply to be a Real Results 50 farmer?

Unfortunately, all of our Real Results 50 spots are taken for 2018. You can still sign up here for updates though.

What is the Innovation Offer?

We’ve created a dedicated FAQs page for the Innovation Offer, please click here to get all the info you need.


faq-osr OSR Profitability

What do I get when I sign up to OSR Profitability?

You will be sent exclusive information about OSR profitability, supported by experts at ADAS, straight to your inbox.

Will I get sclerotinia monitoring updates when I sign up to OSR Profitability?

Yes, this is now the only way to sign up to the BASF sclerotinia monitoring service.

Can I sign up to receive information from OSR profitability, wheat fungicide, Arable weed Control and Real Results Farms?

Yes, but the information will be sent to you in separate emails and in different formats.

faq-rrf Real Results Farms

What’s the difference between Real Results Farms and the wheat fungicide nation-wide BASF trials?

Real Results Farms are demonstration sites that growers and agronomists are invited to attend. They also have more to see, with 32 wheat varieties, OSR and herbicide technology on display.


faq-awc Arable Weed Control

How do I contact BASF, or the experts?

We can’t give out the experts contact details unfortunately, however you can contact BASF Technical Services on 0845 602 2553 or email them at technicalhotline@basf.com.


Where do I get the chemical you are recommending?

If you can’t obtain the recommended chemical from your usual agronomist or chemical supplier please contact us on the technical hotline number and we’ll put you in touch with someone in your area who will be able to help.