Dry conditions complicate weed control in our spring barley.


Iain Learmonth, Agronomist and Farmer – Aberdeenshire

We have been spraying the last of the spring barley this week; the fields which were latest drilled. Because we have had virtually no rainfall since the beginning of May, the ground is now really dry.

It is not a scenario we are accustomed to in this area and we have had to wait longer than usual for the weeds to appear.

Weed wise, we have the usual mix of oilseed rape volunteers, chickweed, pansy, mayweed and groundsel. Fumitory is a big problem on our lighter land but it hasn’t emerged in the usual numbers this year which is a bit of a concern.

We will have to keep an eye on the crop in case there are further weed flushes when it does eventually rain.