Don’t be shy, talk about your weeds.


Will Evans, Lower Eyton near Wrexham.

“The biggest thing I still do in terms of looking for answers to a weed control issue is to talk to our agronomist, however, I do also search for answers online. I am part of various online discussion groups of like minded people where we share tips and ideas. There is a huge amount of information available if you talk to the right people. I am fortunate in that I get to speak to different farmers each week and interview them for my podcasts. It’s not often that I don’t come away with some kind of new idea or feel I want to try something that they are doing as I think it might work on my own farm.


In terms of cultivation systems we are half min-till and half ploughing here at Lower Eyton and are now going through some of the fields with a Teagle Vario.The ploughing of the other fields will probably start next week. We’ve also started spraying glyphosate onto the fields we’ve already min-tilled. We target our glyphosate applications to where they are needed, where there are volunteer cereals and other weeds coming through.

We have a lot of hedges and river frontage here which tend to have numerous weeds. At the moment brome is our main arable grass weed and it can encroach into the field from these edges. We didn’t have to do any pre-harvest spraying this year but in previous years we have done some.

We haven’t got black-grass yet, but it is creeping into the area so we are very conscious of it and along with our agronomist we are keeping an eye out for it. If it does get here it will be crucial to nip it in the bud as soon as we can.”