Facts At-A-Glance – Chickweed


Herbicide Resistance ALS TSR
Leaves Oval and end in a small point. Chickweed produced small five-petalled white flowers.
Number of seeds produced per plant 2500 (8 seeds/flower)
Seed shed May to October
Germination period Throughout the year
Germination depth 3 – 4 cm
Primary dormancy Some
Secondary dormancy Some
Seed longevity 2 – 5 years, but some >5 years
Factor promoting germination Predominantly light, but some dark
Rate of seed decline with cultivations 48% per year
Soil type and geographic location Very widespread across the UK. Favours fertile nitrogen-rich soils. It likes moisture, but not waterlogged soil. usually grows under and altitude of 200m, but can grow in altitudes up to 400m.

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