Canopy® rate


I’m growing hybrid winter barley as a seed crop, so at much greater density and therefore more prone to lodging.  Can I apply Canopy® at higher rate and earlier?

Canopy® can be applied flexibly up to total max dose of 1.5 l/ha, but not before GS 30.  In this specific situation, higher rates than typically applied may be appropriate. However, it is important to ensure that the crop is not stressed by e.g. frosty or droughty conditions etc and is growing actively, so it’s worth keeping a close eye out for any risks in this regard.  I would most likely recommend an early dose of 0.4 fb 0.4 at T1 (with 1.0 l/ha chlormequat) and 0.4 at T2.

Canopy® is a really useful product in situations like this, because it does have the flexibility that some other PGRs don’t have. It is also well known for being safe on crops, so again, a product you can trust in most circumstances.

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