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We’re tackling black-grass together. We want to know what you do to control the black-grass on your farm and share your thoughts to help others. If you’re happy to share your top tips, you’ll be entered into a competition to find the best black-grass beating team In the UK and win a VIP place at our exclusive conference where you'll be one of the first to see the black-grass herbicide of the future.

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Let’s make black-grass disappear.

There’s no single element to weed control, but a combination of agronomic choices to improve the situation on farm. We’re touring the country in the black-grass battle bus, a hub packed with information about weed control. Have a look at the timeline below to see where we’ll be and when, you can also take a look at the summary of each event on the tour to see what happened. You can also use our black-grass calculator to see how much black-grass costs your farm. And by sharing your top tips, you could win a VIP place at our exclusive conference.

The black-grass battle bus

We’ve created the black-grass battle bus, a dedicated advice centre backed by a team of experts that will be travelling across the UK to help with all your weed control queries and questions, listening to the challenges you’re having, and providing real-world advice to help.

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Black-grass calculator

Using yield loss figures from ADAS over a two year period, we've developed the black-grass calculator - a handy tool to give you a reality check on how much money your black-grass populations are costing.

t/ha in lost revenue
Expected yield (t/ha)
Grain price (£/t)

2016, S.Cook, J. Roberts, Optimising the competitive effects of hybrid barley for the control of Alopecurus myosuroides. 7th International Weed Science Congress, June 19-26 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

Top tips

There are a number of things you can do to stop the spread of black-grass on your farm, so we’re providing tips and tools to help prevent the multiplication of these yield-robbing weeds.

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