Hummingbird Technologies

AI Drone and Satellite Experts

Hummingbird Technologies are an artificial intelligence business using drone and satellite technology, along with proprietary algorithms to provide farmers and agronomists with a suite of maps to help them make informed farm management decisions. With research and development work backed by industry powerhouses such as Velcourt, NIAB, Beeswax Dyson Farming, Spearhead and BASF, and a team of 45 pilots across the UK, Russia and Brazil, Hummingbird offer fast reliable information to the farmer within 24hrs.

Hummingbird offer a range of different services across a range of crops. The business aims to focus their maps and data to help achieve key deliverables such as reducing inputs costs and optimising yield potential through targeted inputs, improving efficiencies by focusing crop walking based on in field stress and variability mapping, improving environmental impact. Maps can be exported directly into most machines or existing farm management software, such as Gatekeeper.

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