Your Arable Weed Control, under control.

We know arable weeds can be an endless source of issues and problems for farmers. That’s why we’ve created the Arable Weed Control circle, as a legitimate and trustworthy source of information, tips and advice, backed by real data and experts, to help you choose the best strategy and approach for your farm.

From our ‘Stop the seeds. Stop the weeds’ and ‘Information you can trust’ campaigns; you’ll see how we’re helping farmers and agronomists get their arable weed control, under control.

Farmer trials

BASF has launched a series of field-scale on-farm trials to deliver practical advice to growers to help them combat a range of difficult weeds.

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Weed ID App

An encyclopaedia of weeds at your fingertips. Identify over 140 weeds with the BASF Weed ID app.

Weed ID App

Get expert advice from the experts themselves

Cereal_Information_Icon Cereal Herbicide Product Information

We have products which can help keep your cereal's weed-free.

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fact-sheet-icon Weed Fact Sheets

Then there’s information you can trust. Check out our detailed control advice for the top arable weeds affecting farmers across the UK.

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chat-icon #AskAngus

Angus, our Technical Services Adviser, is on hand to answer your top questions on arable weed control.


book-icon BASF Weed Encyclopedia

Know your Henbit from your Hedge Mustard with BASF’s Weed Encyclopedia. We’ll help you identify and treat up to 36 common varieties of arable weeds.

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Keeping your equipment clean is vital if you want to stop the spread of weed seeds around your farm, so we’re providing farmers with tips and tools to help prevent the multiplication of these yield-robbing weeds.

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