Real results 50 profile - Jorin Grimsdale

Name: Jorin Grimsdale

Occupation: Farmer

Farm: Mountfair Farm

Cropping: Winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, winter beans, vining peas, spring oats.

Farm machinery:

Tractors – John Deere 9470 RX, John Deere 9420T, John Deere 7930, John Deere 6150R. Two New Holland 10.90 combines with 12 metre headers. Horsch 12m drill, 12m cultivator, 6m Simba SL discs, Horsch 36m self-propelled sprayer, Amazone 8200 ZG-2S 36m fertiliser spreader. Horsch Titan chaser bin on tracks.

About the farmer:

Jorin together with his brother Aidan they operate Mountfair Farming, an agri-business specialising in contract farming & farm management services in the Scottish Borders & North Northumberland

On the technical side Jorin is responsible for farms management, agronomy and the overall business management; while Aidan, a qualified  mechanical engineer, is operations director and takes responsibility for the daily operations, workshop and machinery maintenance. The workshop also undertakes fabrication projects. The Grimsdale family moved to the 300 hectare Mountfair Farm near Duns in the  Scottish Borders from Hampshire 30 years ago. Over the years various farming agreements have been reached bringing the total farmed are to its present 2100 hectares.

About the farm:

The Grimsdales started to move to min-till in 1999 and have now reached the  stage where less than 2.5% of the farmed area is ploughed. They were early adopters of auto steer in 2001 and are now refining a Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) system using combines with 12metre headers , a 12 metre seed drill and 36 metre tramlines. A 34 cubic metre tracked chaser bin is used to service the combines. The embracing of technology is clear;  SOYL conductivity scanning and nutrient sampling used with variable seed drilling, variable Lime and PNK applications. Nitrogen application is applied using the Yara N-Sensor and a drone is now assisting to give a new perspective to the farming practice.

The business owns 450 hectares with the balance rented or contracted farmed in Berwickshire and Northumberland

“We have always used independent trials to assess crop inputs thus being a member of NIABTAG through the years has given us this valuable data, however we often compare half-field or full tramlines widths with standard farm practice to see if larger farm trials mirror the smaller trial plot results. We prefer to see for ourselves rather than take the manufacturer’s word about any new product,” said Jorin.

Farming philosophy:

Jorin says, “We aim to maximise the long term sustainable health of the soils while maximising the income for the landlords and ourselves. We aim to achieve this using the latest technology and precision farming techniques to deliver the required attention to detail and get the best from the inputs ”

Hopes for Real Results participation:

Jorin says he is looking forward to seeing the results of field scale trials in real farming situations. It will allow a further check that the correct products at the optimum rates are being used. “It will be really interesting to get feedback from across the country and see this year what has changed compared to the results from last season, nation wide on a farm scale ‘he added.