Real results 50 profile - Ginette Filson

Name: Ginette Filson

Occupation: Agronomist

Farm: GB Foot, Vyne Farm Sherborne St John

Cropping: Wheat, potatoes, winter beans, spring beans, spring barley.

Farm machinery:

Bateman RB26, MF6499-Dyna6, KRM fertiliser sprayer, New Holland combine, Vaderstad 6m RDA Rapid system disc drill.

About the farmer:

Ginette is a third-generation farmer, and an independent agronomist since 2002. She is involved is all aspects of the cropping cycle from varietal selection to harvest management and enjoys the challenge of responding to new technologies, legislation and farm profitability.


About the farm:

Mixed soil with heavy, strong land throughout. The farm normally returns good yields but can be difficult to work if it is too wet as crops can struggle to get established.  The farm suffers from black-grass which appears to be getting worse but is minimised in areas where they have grown potatoes and therefore had to plough.

Farming philosophy:

Ginette loves to grow wheat and gets a great deal of satisfaction from trying to achieve the best crop with every farm she works with, as well as her own at home. She tries to do this without too much aggravation to the farm and spay operator.

She does not believe in complacency or being satisfied, they should always be working to try and get a little more.