What is The Real Results Circle?

Falling yields. Fluctuating prices. A multitude of tools and new technologies – UK farming has never faced such uncertainty. That’s why The Real Results Circle was born. Uniting growers, agronomists and anyone passionate about pioneering the future of UK agriculture. But we cannot do this alone.

We’re forming a UK-wide agricultural knowledge network. Bringing together experts and industry specialists to identify and overcome the issues that erode profits and we’re generating real results through real world trials.

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Proven Wheat Fungicide trials using Adexar® and Librax®*. Getting the most out of your crops with OSR Profitability. Effective Arable Weed Control and the benefits of kit hygiene. Nationwide live-trials, in all-conditions, on Real Results Farms.

We’re giving you back control of UK farming and we need you to get involved and help make a real difference today.

*Adexar contains fluxapyroxad and epoxiconazole. Librax contains fluxapyroxad and metconazole. Adexar and Librax are registered trademarks of BASF. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information including warning phrases and symbols, refer to agricentre.basf.co.uk

By joining you will gain access to:

  • osr Advice on how to maximise OSR profitability
  • Bell Further updates, exclusive offers and news from BASF across the season
  • wheat Updates from the largest Wheat Fungicide trial in the UK
  • arrow Receive a DIY trial pack so you can conduct your own trials
  • mail Invitations to exclusive open days
  • 50 The opportunity to benchmark your own results against the 50 farmers within the trial